fairytale never means happily ever after. (str4wberrylover) wrote in strawberryfarm,
fairytale never means happily ever after.

new strawberry goodies :D

it's been soooo long since i last posted! :b
i hope all you strawberry lovers are doing well & having a great start in 2007! :D


[1] strawberry glass ornament // $3.98 @JoAnn
*looks so beautiful through sunshine

[2] hello-kitty-turned-strawberry-shortcake
@sanrio store

[3] strawberry flats 
$24.99 @Anchor Blue 
(a bit pricey for the material... :[ ) 

[4] finally, lemme introduce you to *THE* ultimate
strawberry guitar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
i almost had a heart attack when i saw this!
$19 @walmart (!!!!)
(i bought it before Christmas, so i think this was a discounted price ;D)

enjoy<3 :]

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